Diesel invasion coming to the US in 2010

Good news for diesel lovers in the US: In around 2010, GM, Toyota, Honda, BMW, the Chrysler group, Nissan, Audi and others will offer diesel engines in cars and SUVs. The exception will be Ford, which considers that they're too expensive for passenger vehicles.
Actually, Siemens Automotive (one of the largest diesel injection suppliers) forecasts diesels sales of about 867,000 units in 2012, up from an estimated of 653,000 this year. In contrast, hybrids' growth forecast will be higher, with forecasts of 510,000 units for 2012 and 193,000 this year.

GM was the last to announce such motors in the Saturn Aura and Cadillac CTS. GM has an extensive range of diesel offerings in Europe, although the two announced powerplants will differ from the European versions. One is a 4.5-liter V8 for the Hummer H2 and the Chevy Silverado/ GMC Sierra pickups. The other is a 2.9-liter V6 made by VM Motori S.p.A., an Italian engine maker (they already powered some Jeeps during the 90s for the European market). GM wants to make clear that the new diesels aren't gasoline-converted powertrains, which ruined diesel reputation in the early 80s with the troublesome Oldsmobile V8.

Current diesel offerings for the US market this year are some Mercedes cars and Jeep Grand Cherokees, beside heavy-duty pick-ups. Next year, Volkswagen will introduce 50-state TDIs in all the range.

[Source: Automotive News (subs. req'd)]

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