Florida sees the light - adopts California's emission standards

Florida is joining the ranks of states that have signed on to California's toughest-in-the-nation auto emission standards. This makes 12 states, almost a quarter of the country, that think clean cars California-style are the way to go.
Florida Governor Crist (pictured) will attack not only auto emissions but also greenhouse gases that come from the in-state electric plants, the Sun-Sentinel reports. Crist called his plan "very realistic." And also very important, considering all that Florida coastline that would be affected if global waring causes ocean levels to rise in the future.

For carmakers, the change will mean reducing "automobile and light truck emissions by 25 percent and sport-utility vehicle emissions by 18 percent starting with their 2009 models," according to the Sun-Sentinel. We'll see how California's regulations fare in the ongoing battle with the EPA. Automakers prefer a national approach to emissions rules.

[Source: South Florida Sun-Sentinel via Green Car Congress]

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