Blue Devil Corvette: Fact vs. fiction courtesy of P.M.

With all the rumors surrounding the hyped-up Corvette, Jim Dunne over at Popular Mechanics wanted to get some answers, so he went to the source – well, a source, at least.
According to the "largest Corvette dealer in Michigan" the Blue Devil/SS 'Vette will get a singular supercharger, will cost upwards of $100k and could possibly push out the current Z06 to be the dominant Corvette in the General's lineup. Only 3,000 abnormally-aspirated, Corvette supercars will be built over two years, with 1,500 units being allocated for sale each year.

The shocker? According to the unnamed dealer, none of GM's manual transmissions are up to the task of handling all the ponies produced by the blown powerplant. The solution: it's getting an automatic.

The one question that wasn't answered (or possibly even asked) is "when?" We're putting our money on Detroit or Chicago, but considering all the misinformation out there; we'd suggesting talking to a dealer.

[Source: Popular Mechanics]

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