UQM and Mobile Energy Solutions developing hybrid hydrogen-powered bus

This bus is the child of two companies: UQM Technologies and Mobile Energy Solutions, LLC (if you pardon me the pun), the godfather being the Federal Transit Administration's National Fuel Cell Bus Program.
The 35-foot long vehicle is made up from a composite material and the batteries are stored under the floor, only topping 6 inches, and the bus can carry up to 37 people. It's basically a plug-in vehicle hybrid with a 150 kW motor unit sourced by UQM. The batteries get additional juice via the fuel cell although the design even accepts other additional sources of power such as conventional engines, potentially with fuels of all flavors.

Instead of a conventional bus conversion, the model was designed from scratch to use both the composite material and the powertrain. The electric powertrain also offers all torque from start (as electric motors do).

Follow the Read link for full specifications of the bus.

[Source: UQM]
  • 35 feet long.
  • 37 seated passengers
  • Serial hybrid. Thermic engines available
  • Composite body
  • Low floor
  • NiMH and Lithium titanate batteries
  • Floor-mounted batteries
  • 250+ mile range
  • 20,000 lb curb weight
  • 65 mph speed
  • White book compliant
  • ADA accessible
  • Optimized aerodynamics

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