Fear the Muskrat! 351-powered Mustang/Ranger hybrid

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What happens when you start with a '99 Mustang V6 Coupe and a Ford Ranger of unknown vintage, drop a 400-horsepower 351 under the hood, meld the 'Stang's nose and Ranger's body, and lift the suspension? You get the Muskrat. In addition to the engine swap and Frankenchero bodywork, the Muskrat is adorned with every super- fromage bolt-on accessory known to man. "Aero" kit? Check. Roof visor? Check. Louvers? Check. Wind deflectors? Check. Chromed rims that look like the demo mounts for the generic tires at the local parts store? Come on, you know the answer. The meaty rubber and all-business polished exhaust look serious, at least, despite everything else going on. Inside, retina-scorching red carpeting and interior trim (complete with "Muskrat" embroidery, natch) constitute the proverbial cherry on top. Incidentally, the Mustang IP makes the transition unperturbed. Of course, it's for sale on eBay, where it's at $3,605 as of this writing. That's below the owner's reserve, so you'll have to ... ahem ... pony up some more if you want the 'Rat all to yourself.

Thanks, 3cubed!

[Source: eBay]

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