Great Gotham! It's the Milwaukee Batmobile

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Today's eBay finds have been vehicles that prove the adage, "just because you can doesn't mean you should." First there was the Muskrat, a rolling Star Trek transporter accident involving a Mustang and a Ranger, and now we have the Milwaukee Batmobile. So named, we assume, because that's where this erstwhile 1970 Oldsmobile 98 resides. The "Batmobile" here is allegedly modeled after the design shown on a 1960s coloring book cover. In reality, it looks more like something the Dark Knight would perhaps drive if he were starring in Gordon Parks Jr's 1972 classic, Super Fly, instead of fighting crime. Added bonus: it's autographed by George Barris (his only connection to the vehicle, in case you were wondering). Really, it must be seen to be believed, so click on the gallery below. The current bid's at over $11,000, and the reserve hasn't been met. Fanboys, you still have a chance!

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