Alaska resort using hydrogen to fuel appliances and vehicles

The Chena Hot Springs Resort near Fairbanks Alaska is a prime example of how energy supplies in the future will be vastly more decentralized than they are in the current petroleum monoculture. The resort will be taking advantage of the geothermal energy that they have available from the power plants that they installed last year to power an electrolizer they got from the University of Alaska.

The hydrogen they produce will be used initially to supplant propane that is used for appliances like stoves, dryers and fireplaces starting in August of this year. In addition they will use the hydrogen to fuel the vehicles they use to move guests and supplies over the sixty-mile distance from Fairbanks. This project demonstrates how energy production can be localized in many places based on the resources that are available. The cold environment of Alaska is not well-suited to using batteries, but in other places geothermal or other sources could be used with batteries.

[Source: Fairbanks Daily News]

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