Post-apocalyptic transport: Earthroamer XV-JP

Even though Jeep is world-renowned for its mud-plugging potential, that hasn't stopped eager outdoorsman from outfitting the iconic off-roader with every manner of survivalist gear. Some aftermarket manufacturers allow you to do it piece-by-piece, while more die-hard companies give you the full monty, with everything necessary to take on the world and more.

EarthRoamer is just such an outfit, introducing what may very well be the most desirable Wrangler yet. The XV-JP comes equipped with the usual upgraded suspension, winch, high-intensity lighting and other necessities for a serious off-road excursion, but there's more. A complete camping setup, including a tent mounted atop the roof that gives users the choice of three different material choices to match the elements, along with a queen-size bed, a solar power battery backup, an engine-heated hot water tank and a cassette toilet.

Naturally, the setup doesn't come cheap, jumping the six-figure mark for the full outfit. More information is available at EarthRoamer's website, here.

[Source: EarthRoamer via Winding Road]

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