BP, Sugar British and Dupont unveil plans to produce biofuels

BP, Dupont and British Sugar have made some announcements about their partnership to produce biofuels. In one hand DuPont plans to construct a biobutanol demonstration facility with BP. In addition, DuPont, BP and British Sugar will construct a 420 million liter ethanol facility
The UK has as a target to use 5 percent of renewable fuels in 2010 and this ethanol plant will help BP put in the market to help meet the United Kingdom's 2010 Renewable Fuels Obligation. Both facilities will be located at BP's existing operations at Saltend, Hull, approximately 360 kilometers north of London.

The remarkable part here is that there's quite an interest about biobutanol (scroll down for more posts about it). DuPont and BP have announced experimental production from various sources of feedstock such as
wheat, corn, barley and rye.

However, the global strategy for biofuels seems to play in three different "leagues": Improving ethanol production from grain, cellullosic ethanol and biobutanol.

[Source: DuPont]

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