DuPont Biofuels VP says DP is ready to bring biofuel tech to the world

DuPont Biofuels Vice President and General Manager John Ranieri spoke at an investors conference in New York this week and said his company's biofuel strategy is helping bring alternative and more sustainable transportation fuels to the world. The three prongs of the DuPont's research are: making more ethanol from a set amount of corn, developing technology to make cellulosic biofuels, and setting up partnership with organizations like the U.S. DOE, to bring biofuels to market.

Ranieri said that, "Oil remains the prime energy source for transportation fuels with increasing demand, particularly from China and India, placing additional pressure on current oil supplies. The need to diversify the fuel supply with more sustainable solutions is a large opportunity for agricultural-based alternatives."

Ranieri gave a similar message in March in Brussels.

[Source: DuPont]

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