Winner of buried Belvedere determined, passed away in '79

click above image for a gallery of the buried Belvedere's unveiling

Don't know how we missed this, but apparently the winner of the 1957 Plymouth Belvedere that was buried with a time capsule in Tulsa, Oklahoma some 50 years ago has been determined. His name is Raymond E. Humbertson, and 50 years ago he guessed that the population of Tulsa would be 384,743 in 2007. He was off by 2,286 people, as the population of Tulsa stands today at 382,457. Nevertheless, Humbertson's guess was the closest, which makes him the winner.

Unfortunately, Humbertson died of cancer in 1979 and his wife also passed away in 1988. His closest living relatives are two sisters, who will take ownership of the prize – a completely rusted 1957 Plymouth Belvedere. The announcement of the winner was made on Friday, June 21st at the East Tulsa Dodge dealership where the car was on display after it had been exhumed from its watery tomb. It's since been moved to a storage building.

Perhaps it's tragically fitting that the man who has won the buried Belvedere is no longer with us, as Humbertson is likely cruising in the afterlife with his '57 Belvedere that's equally deceased.

Thanks for the tip, Tom!


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