Governor Kulongoski of Oregon to sign biofuels bill

Now here's some forward thinking. Instead of taking the route many states have and focusing on the immediate and obvious problem of fuel efficiency, Ted Kulongoski (my condolences on your name, man), Governor of Oregon, is taking productive action and signing the Biofuel Bill, as it hath been dubbed, at a SeQuential Biofuels station in Eugene, Oregon (that's pronounced Or-e-gun - the locals are real particular about that). The bill doles out tax breaks to farmers and foresters (not the Subaru) that send their raw materials to biofuel processing plants. It also requires 10 percent (based on availability from the state) ethanol added to all on-road gasoline sold (hopefully no problems there), and two pecent biodiesel added to on-road diesel. It also boosts the state's economy, and paves the way for new jobs. Gee, Bullwinkle, that sounds swell. And now for something you'll really like.

The SeQuential station - the setting of this back-patting, hand-shaking and John Hancocking shindig - is noteworthy in and of itself because it's solar powered, netting 33.6 KW from a solar canopy. It just gets greener, doesn't it? Not only that, but it captures water runoff, filters it, and supplements the utility supply from the city. This warm, fuzzy green feeling brought to you in part by Ted Biglebowski Golongbruskie Furlongrunski Kulongoski and the Biofuel Band, er... SeQuential Biofuels.

[Source: SeQuential Biofuels]

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