Mazda2 MPS reportedly in the works

The highly-anticipated Mazda2 still hasn't been launched in Europe, and word out of Hiroshima is that an MPS (a.k.a. Mazdaspeed) version is already in the works. Mazda's 2.0L powerplant will be outfitted with direct injection and turbocharging to the tune of 230hp and 231 lb-ft torque. With every souped-up vehicle comes the prerequisite larger wheels and body kit, and Mazda isn't one to shun tradition, so we'll see all the added goodies on the hotted-up little hatch. Chances are that the boosted Mazda econobox won't hit US shores (after all, the Mazda2/Demio's only planned for Europe and Japan right now), and we're more disappointed than surprised. If this rumored edition is as good a deal as the blown Mazda3, then it'll be a shame for it not to grace our shores.

[Source: Winding Road]

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