Need a paint job? $50 will do it

click above image for a gallery showing the paint job's progression

I'm a big fan of the flat-black rat rod scene. A 1930s-era Ford with minimal aesthetic improvements contrasted with a beautifully-tuned flathead is my kind of thing. That said, however, there are some collector cars that truly need that glossy sheen to look their best. And as part owner of a 1965 Mustang in dire need of paint, I know how much it can add to the cost of a restoration.

The guys at Jalopy Journal also know about pricey paint, which is why they too were impressed by this guys' ability to paint his 1966 Corvair in his driveway for $50. The ingredients include two quarts of Rustoleum, mineral spirts, and instead of an expensive spray system, foam rollers.

Yup. Dude painted his Corvair with paint rollers. In his driveway. He said at first he worried about the bugs fatally stuck in each of the seven coats, but sanding took 'em right out. Step-by-step instructions encourage others to do the same.

The final product looks good in pictures, and an eight-month update from the owner shows the paint smooth and shiny even without the first coat of wax.

If anyone tries their own DIY paint job, let me know how it works out. The Mustang's red paint gets closer to pink and the bank account closer to red every day. You can check out some shots of the paint job's progression in our gallery below, or click the Read link to see the whole thing with captions.

[Source: via The Jalopy Journal]

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