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Monza's been iced out

We first told you about a little Italian company called Gioielli Circuiti a bit over a year ago. The jewelers craft necklaces and other sparkly things in the shape of race tracks around the world, all decked-out in diamonds, rubies and other precious stones.

Being the Italian racing fans they so evidently are, Circuiti couldn't have their national circuit get the same respect as all the others. And so the jewelers are offering the Monza "Pole Position" bracelet, featuring white diamonds, black diamonds and rubies on a white gold setting laid out in the outline of the Autodromo Nazionale di Monza.

The pictures are enough to tell that this must make for quite the dazzling tribute to the track and the race, but for €9000, you'd have to really love Monza. For the rest of us, Circuiti offers an array of pendants, cufflinks and such at a variety of price points. But if you're the kind for whom nine grand is pocket change and who watches the Monaco Grand Prix every year from a yacht in the Monte Carlo harbor with a delicate model on your arm, what else would look better on hers?

[Source: Gioielli Circuiti]

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