Chinese automakers copy everything else, why not the Transformers?

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Chinese automakers are known for making knockoffs off models sold elsewhere in the world, so does it surprise you one has taken to creating knockoffs of our beloved Transformers? To be fair, the Transformers franchise traces its roots back to Japanese culture (check out the current issue of Wired for a great lineage article), but considering the new movie based on the successful toy line was directed by America's biggest blow-em-up director, Michael Bay, one could argue the league of robots in disguise is as American as apple pie.

Great Wall has swiped the marketing campaign currently employed by General Motors and is showing off its "own" vehicles in robot mode, complete with ridiculous profiles that indicate each characters name, with what celebrity it most identifies, favorite movie, singer and motto. Florida (shown above), for instance, stands 3.91 meters tall when transformed from its four-wheel identity, which is a Toyota knock off. It identifies most with Paris Hilton, loves the movie "Mission Impossible", listening to Justin Timberlake and cries out "C'est la vie!" when entering battle. Whatever. Other characters include Perry, i7 and Coolbear, the latter of which is a dead ringer for the new Scion xB.

Considering the track record of Chinese cars when they encounter collisions on public roads, should we expect these Chinese Transformers to crumple under their own weight when erect and collapse into a mangled mess of steel and blown air bags? These Chinabots aren't worthy enough to carry one of Optimus Prime's spare tires.

Check out the crazy profiles by clicking the Read link, and view each character in our gallery below.

[Source: Autoblog Chinese]

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