Terreform Soft Car: a soft, safe comfortable car?

There are times when we are doing our research on suitable stories to bring you, dear readers, when the words of the source article are infinitely better than what we ourselves might possibly come up with. This, friends, is just such an example.

The story is about the company Terreform, which is "a nonprofit organization (501c3) and philanthropic design collaborative that integrates ecological principles in the urban environment. The group views ecology in design as not only a philosophy that inspires visions of sustainability and social justice but also a focused scientific endeavor. The mission is to ascertain the consequences of fitting a project within our natural world setting. Solutions range from; green master planning, urban self-sufficiency infrastructures, community development activities, climatic tall buildings, performative material technologies, and smart mobility vehicles for cities. These design iterations seek an activated ecology both as a progressive symbol and an evolved artifact." Got that?

The subject of said story is the so called "soft car". Why? 'Cause it's soft. Like a running shoe. Not made of metal. Don't get it? I didn't either, but I kinda get it now... which is why I suggest reading this story now, then returning back afterward.

Okay, did you read it? Then you saw the car that looked like an overgrown rollerblade. That's how I am thinking of this concept; and it makes a little bit of sense - if all cars were made this way, safety would be less of an issue. Parking lot scrapes would be just fine, thanks; and cars would certainly weigh much less than they do now. But, I really don't see anybody buying into this concept. I think it's just a bit too far "out there" to be taken seriously. Some of the concepts have merit, but driving around in an overgrown Nike with wheels just ain't gonna happen.

[Source: Inhabitat]

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