Scion's web persona gets a little deviant, and creepy

Scion's feeling that it's time for an advertising change, and they're taking the campaign dark. The Toyota offshoot, which is intended to attract young, hip, urbanites with an active lifestyle (whatever the hell that's supposed to mean), is attempting to harden the edge of its image.

We've been peppered from day one with Scion ads targeting fans of electronic music and hip hop, though we're more insulted than enticed by the pandering spreads that assault our irises in every new issue of Remix. Now the scope has widened to include rock and metal tinged customers. Scion's looking to team up with music events, bands, and record labels as a way of promoting its wares, but the real news is Scion's new website. has you being a "Deviant," with the mission of genocide. The city is filled with "Sheeple," beings that blindly follow (Camry purchasers?). Deviants are seriously bloodthirsty -- you need to complete various tasks such as throwing Sheeple across the city and a sicker version of whack-a-mole in which you juice the Sheeple like oranges. The site is quite well done, but the premise of the game is quite dark. In the end, gameplay is little removed from those flash-based novelties like billiards and golf, but if you're looking to waste some time on the web by bloodletting, Scion's got you covered.

[Source: Brandweek]

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