Honda Accord junket set for Boston, on decaying pile of garbage

Spectacle Island in Boston Harbor has a name it has truly earned. During a hundred-year-span, a list of its illustrious tenants includes a brothel, a horse rendering plant, a grease reclamation plant, and then tons and tons of Boston garbage dumped there over thirty years. The dumping ended when an entire bulldozer disappeared into the muck. When the city decided to stop dumping, the only thing that happened on the island was the seepage of "thousands of gallons of eroding material into the surrounding water..." A long way from the Tea Party, eh?

That's good enough for Honda, though. The company is hosting its 2008 Accord junket in Boston and on the island. It's a novel choice -- for the obvious reason -- but also because, as the invited NY Times writer mentions, Boston is so ... pedestrian, shall we say ... compared to the usual locales that host such events, which usually feature far more pina coladas than potholes. Good on you, Honda, and good luck to you, Mr. Dyer.

(FYI, Spectacle looks all right for what was recently a rotting heap of compost. After spending what must have been entire landmasses of money, Spectacle now houses "a 120-acre park, with a new pier, marina, a visitor center, two public beaches, and five miles of walking trails.")

[Source: New York Times]

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