Hey look, another car we can't have here - The All New Hyundai i30

The launch of the new i30 heralds the next market blitz from Hyundai. With each generation of their models, they make such leaps in value and quality, that it's no longer surprising. So, yes, the i30 is a dandylicious C-segment car, and no, they won't sell it to us here in the States. Same story, different company - though it speaks volumes about Hyundai that anyone would have a twinge of jealousy that one of their cars is not part of the selection in their country.

The styling is crisp and clean, with a dash of youth thrown in; but otherwise a safe design route. The production car is almost the same as the car previewed at the Geneva Motor Show. There is a whole slew of options available, and at least six airbags are standard. Efficient diesels net you 51-60 miles per (imperial) gallon. Trim levels are Comfort, Style and Premium. Prices start at £10,995.

Probably the biggest piece of news is the fact that Hyundai is completely changing their naming system. They, like everyone else, are going alphanumeric. It really doesn't matter either way, but it looks a lot like a giant leap for Hyundai-kind onto the band-wagon. Model numbers will range from i10 to i50, each multiple of ten corresponding to the next vehicle segment, so the i10 will be a micromobile, and the Genesis concept will likely be the i50 (at least we'll get that one).

But what does it really matter, anyway. Here, we still have to deal with the Accent. Oh, lord.

[Source: Hyundai]

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