Fanboy rendering: An STI we can get behind

Our new friend Augustine sent us over a link to CG artist Lars MÃ¥rtensson's interpretation of the next Subaru Impreza STI, and it's a design that ties in a few elements from previous generations, along with a new front clip that will forever be relegated to the virtual world.

The two-door hatch shape lends itself well to Subaru's traditional bulldog proportions, with the stance accentuated by the bulging fender flares that tie in nicely to the radical front fairing. The pulled back headlamps are a bit too reminiscent of the current BMW 5-series, but the steep angle and subtle bulge in the hood does the Dame Edna-inspired lights more justice than Bangle had ever imagined.

While the sides are typical Subaru slabs, the rear end does an admirable job of blending the shortened hatch with the lines of the outgoing model. And bumper-integrated dual exhaust tips are always a winner in our eyes.

You can check out more images at CGTalk by following the 'Read' link below.

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