World's largest ethanol conference set for this week in St. Louis

The 23rd Annual International Fuel Ethanol Workshop & Expo (FEW) is going to be held in St. Louis at the America's Center June 26-29. The FEW has established itself as a forum for exchanging information about ethanol production and operations. Up to 554 companies and 100 technical presentations will be displayed, making it the largest ethanol conference in the world. The event also includes an International Industry Summit and an ethanol-powered air show at the St. Louis Downtown Airport.
Attendants come from ethanol producing facilities, both from the US and abroad, people interested in investing in the ethanol industry, research institutions, academia, local and federal government agencies, industry trade associations, risk management consultants and others who want to learn more about the ethanol industry.

The organizers consider ethanol a good solution for both reducing foreign oil dependence (which is claimed to reduce fuel prices) and global warming. While it might not be the only solution, at least it's one that is available now.

[Source: FEW]

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