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Reader Spy: Porsche Panamera on the 405 Freeway

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Kudos to Autoblog reader and opportunistic spy photographer Herschel Brown, who snagged this green Panamera mule cruising the 405 Freeway near Carson, CA early yesterday morning. The car itself is just like some of the others we've seen before, but Herschel grabs a couple of really good looks at the side glass, which hints at the actual slope of the rear of the car. Porsche has done a good job of uglifying these Panamera mules from the B-pillar rearward in the hopes of keeping the car's true shape a secret for as long as it can. In any case, very nice catch, Herschel, and thanks for sharing the pics with us!

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All Photos ©2007 Herschel Brown. Used with permission.

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