Nikkei: Toyota will sell new, larger dedicated hybrid in 2009

Click on the photo for a high-res gallery of the Toyota Hybrid-X concept

Seeings as I don't have a subscription to the Japanese paper Nikkei, we'll have to trust the folks at Green Car Congress with their rehash of this little tidbit: Toyota will sell new, larger dedicated hybrid in 2009. Toyota hopes the new hybrid-only model will sell about 100,000 units a year, starting right in its first year. Development is already underway with the new model ,which will have an engine displacement of 2-3 liters (compare to the Prius' 1.5).

With all the setbacks the new Prius model is having, it'll be very interesting to learn just what sort of guts Toyota is putting in this new hybrid. Will they stick with nickel metal hydride batteries or move to lithium ion? Do they think 2009 is too early to include plug-in capability? Ahh, questions.

[Source: Green Car Congress]

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