Ford finally releases pics of the F-150 Lariat Limited (w/ video)

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The 2008 Ford F-150 Lariat Limited was announced weeks ago by Ford, but the Oval only just got around to releasing a couple of photos of it. We don't know what took them so long, seeing as this Lariat's a bit of a looker. Sporting a White Sand Metallic finish that also trims the grillework and the factory 22-inchers, the snappy-looking SuperCrew doesn't stop there. Chrome running boards, gray headlight bezels, smoked taillamp lenses, a two-tone leather-trimmed interior and some other cabin accents round out the new limited package. Sorry, no pricing yet. Maybe one of these days, Ford'll actually get around to releasing a shot of the fancy interior, too.

UPDATE: Video added after the jump, including interior. Thanks, Zymo.

[Source: Ford]

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