2007 Goodwood Festival of Speed: Ferrari at 60

This year, Ferrari is celebrating its 60th anniversary as a company. The Goodwood organizers decided to have a small party-within-a-party at Goodwood's Festival of Speed and turned over the stables for a display of very special Ferraris. Think of it as one per decade, with some artistic license. Some of the most legendary names from the Maranello marque's history are represented, along with a pair of new "escorts."

A red 599 GTB Fiorano sits beside a police edition 612 Scaglietti, bracketing an enormous Cavallino painted onto the central wall. To the right of these sit an F40, F50 and Enzo. Across from them sit a Testa Rossa, GTO and Daytona. Quite a selection. While Silverstone got the bigger gathering a little while ago, and the factory is hosting its own big party soon, the display here is wonderfully done and worth tracking down. Just beyond the Cartier Style et Luxe section and the nearly complete set of Bugatti Royales (5 of 6?), look for the enormous Ferrari logo-adorned arch on the house to point the way.

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