Dominican Republic joining the club of biofuel producers

It is a known fact among our readers that Brazil is the leader of biofuel technology among Latin American countries. Now it's time for an agreement between the Dominican Republic and Brazil. As with many other countries, Brazil is providing biofuel technology able to help reduce a country's oil dependence. The recently announced agreement will develop local technology and resources to produce biodiesel from ricin.
The Dominican president, Leonel Fernández, claimed that this agreement had clearly several targets. First, it will use these crops to revitalize agriculture and create jobs and then, they wanted to collaborate with the fight against climate change. "This affects to all of us. If the poles melted, the island of Hispaniona (which is divided into Haiti and the Dominican Republic) would be submerged," Fernández said.

The Dominican Republic is already producing ethanol using sugarcane also with Brazilian technology and investments.

[Source: via Econoticias]

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