The Detroit Auto Show takes on all challengers

When the LA show moved from January to its current November date, people said that it was a harbinger of doom for the Detroit Auto Show. Car companies may be based in Detroit, they said, but car culture is being largely defined and driven by Southern California. More recently, Porsche pulled out of the Detroit Show, saying it doesn't move much metal in Michigan. Now, according to auto journalist William Jeanes, the Detroit Auto Show might not only have LA to worry about, but Chicago.

Jeanes penned a piece in Automotive News arguing for Chicago to be the home of the end-all-be-all US auto show. Windy City folks held that column up to the world, and now Detroit's airing its response. David Fischer, NAIAS board member, said "We get more press credentials at this show than the Super Bowl," and the show leads all others in coverage and important vehicle introductions. In fact, Detroit gets more than double the number of journalists of any other show.

Still, with people calling Detroit "a necessary evil," not happy about Cobo Hall or what the city itself has to offer, and miffed at the "amateur journalists" who get some of those numerous credentials -- not to mention the rising stature of other cities' shows, could it be just a matter of time before it becomes the NAIAS ... of Los Angeles?

[Source: Detroit News]

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