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Study shows U.S. is dominant market for hybrid vehicles

The results of a new study have been released on the hybrid vehicle market around the world. They found that in spite of the U.S. market's general predilection for gas-guzzlers, it remains the dominant market for hybrid technology. In 2005, 70 percent of all hybrid vehicles sold went to the U.S. market.

Through 2006, the dominant players in the hybrid market remained pioneers Toyota and Honda, although that will be changing rapidly with many new introductions of hybrid vehicles from other manufacturers, including all of the US automakers. The increased initial cost of hybrids is likely to limit their long-term appeal to half of the market or less unless they continue to receive incentives like tax breaks. If you want to read the full report it will cost you about €1,070 for an electronic copy.

UPDATE: As readers have noted in the comments, one reason for high U.S. hybrid sales is Europe's fascination with diesel the U.S. doesn't get, like this one.

[Source: Research and Markets]

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