Ohhhh... Ahhh.. Hmmm? Ferarri goes green with their new FXX Millechili concept

News comes from Maranello this morning that Ferrari has announced a new concept which promises to take the iconic Italian automaker down greener pastures. The FXX Millechili is supposed to be eco-friendly. No word yet on what exactly that means, but I am sure that as soon as more is known about the concept vehicle, we will let you know.

Perhaps you remember the name Millechili from a previous concept. Way back in '05 the concept was one of four winners of the Ferrari's New Concepts of the Myth Contest. Click here for a bit of history on that. Ferrari has not made any official pictures of their new concept available as of yet, but perhaps it will bear a resemblance to the '05 version pictured above.

The best news to fans of the marque is likely to be that the performance credentials of the vehicle are said to be intact. Wild guesses regarding the technology or performance figures are, of course, welcome. Ethanol? Hybrid?

[Source: Ferrari via car Magazine Online via Hugg, thanks Linton!]

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