Chrysler expanding dealerships all over the world

In spite of the hurdles it faces domestically, Chrysler is making all kinds of... bold moves... in every other corner of the world. Chrysler's overseas sales is currently 8% of its global sales, but it's working to change that with a vengeance. It has invited 70 potential investors from 19 countries, including Russia, Japan, and the Middle East, to Auburn Hills for three days to discuss dealership opportunities for all of its brands. The week before, Chrysler hosted 140 dealers from China. And over the next 24 months, Chrysler plans to build 100 dealerships in Europe.

More and more people in those other markets are coming to Chrysler -- the past two years have seen consecutive monthly sales gains and double digit year-to-date growth. From just under 100,000 cars now, Chrysler wants to sell 400,000 overseas within five years. To do that, its overseas offerings will go from 9 to 20 cars, RHD offerings will jump from 6 to 18, and models available with a diesel engine will go from 4 to 16. Surprisingly, one of the biggest engines of growth is the Dodge brand: it could account for 30% of Chrysler's international sales within two years. And do you know what the best selling Chrysler vehicle outside of North America is? The Dodge Caliber.

[Source: Yahoo]

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