Tigers cap optional: Inside Line adds a Ferrari 308 to its long-term fleet

It's something many of us have thought while perusing the car listings. "You know, I could actually buy a 308," becomes part of our inner monologues as we see them tantalize us with prices equal to those of new cars normal people buy all the time. It's a fantasy of sorts. After all, for many of us Autobloggers, the 308 WAS Ferrari when we were kids. It was Magnum's ride. And it was cool.

And now, the gang at Inside Line has acted on the impulse so many of us have felt, but suppressed in fits of rationality and/or practicality. They bought a 308 -- an '84 GTSi Quattrovalvole, to be exact. We're completely jealous, of course. Inside Line's going to roll in the Ferrari shown above for the next year, reporting on it -- the performance, the expenses, the headaches, and the heartaches -- just as they would any other long-termer. And when they're done, we'll all know whether or not the siren's song emanating from the local car paper is worth succumbing to after all. One of the photo captions in IL's piece reads, "What would you rather have for the same money; this or a Toyota Camry?"

That's the kind of crazy talk empty bank accounts and broken marriages are made of. Installment one's posted here, Magnum, P.I. clips and all. Enjoy it. In the meantime, we feel the urge to catch up on some reading, ourselves.

[Source: Inside Line]

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