eBay Find of the Day: 1988 Chevy Celebrity Eurosport VR

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Yes, a Chevy Celebrity is today's eBay Find of the Day. You have to admit, though -- this is pretty cool. While it's listed as an '88 Eurosport VR sedan, it's technically an '87 clone. The seller owned a rare but (completely) worn-out 1987 VR, which he decided to bring back to life. Enter a low-mileage '88 Celebrity Eurosport, which then became the recipient of every single usable VR part from the '87 donor car. The conversion is remarkable, with nary a stone left unturned. The rebuild story is completely documented in words and photos at CarDomain, and you can't help but come away impressed after seeing the work that went into this particular labor of love. The rebuilt car is probably put together better than these things were when new.

And now, in its gleaming black like-new condition, the car is up for sale on eBay. According to the owner, everything is in excellent working condition, and it averaged 34mpg on a recent vacation trip that put 500 miles on the odo. It looks great, has a readily-available history, and comes from a loving home. Add in the fact that the VRs are a true rarity, and you've got something legitimately interesting. The current bid's at $1,025 and the reserve hasn't been met. Assuming it isn't too high, someone's probably going to get a good deal on what might be the nicest Celebrity available anywhere at this moment. You can read more about the Eurosport VR model in general at EurosportVR.com, where this car is also featured (with plenty of photos) in the "JEFFS VR" section. If you want it, you can bid here.

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