The Deer Camp Truck: Sightseeing in style

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We don't know much about the monster truck you see above, like who owns it, what it's actually used for, etc., but the pictures in the gallery below tell us all we need to know. Named the Deer Camp Truck, it appears to be a vehicle used for sightseeing, and judging by the its sheer size, we can only assume it comes from Texas.

If you're traveling in (on?) the Deer Camp Truck, your trip begins by ascending a ladder to reach the vehicle's shaded main deck. Once aboard, you and your dozen or so friends take a seat on the wraparound bench and pull up to the poker table for some Texas Hold 'Em. Never mind the beautiful scenery that's being passed on your right. The onboard wet bar and refrigerator, meanwhile, will supply the libations you consume while taking in the wild country from the safe confines of this monster truck with a view.

While we don't know what powers the Deer Camp Truck, an independent suspension is visible that could articulate itself over a decent sized pebble or two. The front end is also tipped with a brush guard that's likely designed to knock over old and stubborn deciduous trees in your path.

On a serious note, if you can tell us any more info about the Deer Camp Truck, enlighten us in the comments.

Thanks for the tip, Celly!

[Source: Maggie's Farm]

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