STARTECH announces new Jeep Wrangler accessories

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Startech, the division of Brabus that tunes and accessorizes Chrysler Group vehicles, has now turned its attention to the Jeep Wrangler. European Jeep drivers can now upgrade the Jeep's appearance with set of the firm's good-looking Monostar alloy five-spoke wheels. Tubular steel rocker panel guards will also be offered for both the standard Wrangler and the longer Unlimited (shown), and a chrome-rimmed spare-tire cover can be added to dress up the rear. Overall, the exterior accessories are tasteful and subtle -- so much so that apart from the wheels, you miss them at first glance.

Performance upgrades aren't ready yet, but they're coming. A tuning kit for the 2.8L CRD engine and a sport exhaust are said to be on the way. Finally, Brabus/Startech can do just about anything to upgrade vehicle interiors, and the Jeep is no exception. From a new steering wheel to a full leather interior (silly for a Wrangler, if you ask us), the only limiting factor is likely to be the customer's budget. Startech's press release is pasted after the jump. Hopefully, the accessories will be available through Brabus' US outlets as well.

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STARTECH Refines the New Jeep. Wrangler

Legends are immortal and in the automotive world that is especially true for the Jeep. Wrangler, the 'mother' of all off-road vehicles. To customize the latest version of the American 4x4 and to make it even more exclusive STARTECH is developing an innovative and exclusive accessories program – for the short wheelbase and the new long wheelbase version.

In a first step STARTECH offers custom-tailored light-alloy wheels, some initial exterior modifications and exclusive interior options.

The polished STARTECH Monostar IV 9Jx20 light-alloy wheels attract attention at first sight. The striking five-spoke wheels lend the new Jeep. Wrangler a more exclusive appearance. But that's not all: Mounted with sporty on- and off-road tires in size 285/50 R 20 front and back they give the SUV even more agile handling characteristics while at the same time improving driving safety.

While the STARTECH design program for the new Wrangler is still under development, the first stainless-steel components will be available shortly. Sturdy tubular side guards for short and long wheelbase models protect the rocker panels of the Jeep and partially hide the Jeep's frame from view. The spare wheel cover with high-gloss stainless-steel ring adds the finishing touch.

The new Wrangler generation for the first time includes a model with diesel engine. The STARTECH motor engineers are currently developing the STARTECH SD 4T tuning module for the 2.8-liter (171 cu. in.) common-rail turbodiesel engine.

STARTECH sport exhausts will soon be available for all engine and body variants of the Jeep. The fully stainless-steel exhausts feature one characteristic oval chrome tailpipe each on the right and left, and produce a more sonorous engine sound, while at the same time optimizing power yield.

The interior of the Jeep can also be upgraded stylishly with STARTECH accessories: Highly polished scuff plates welcome driver and passengers, and the ergonomically shaped STARTECH sport steering wheel adds to the ambiance.

Additional customization requests can be fulfilled by the company-own STARTECH upholstery shop. Partial and fully leather interiors made from especially soft yet durable Mastik leather satisfy even the most discriminating tastes.

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