That'll buff right out: Chevy turns new Captiva into scratch off card

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We've all bought one of those "scratch and win" lottery cards at the convenience store before. Attacking that little piece of cardboard with a penny is a very satisfying experience, even if you don't uncover three cherries, two "$50" or a "New Ticket". Chevy in the UK had a bright idea to take that same scratch off experience and supersize it by turning an entire vehicle into a scratch off card. To introduce Londoners to the new Chevy Captiva crossover, the brand had an example of its new CUV on display coated with the same scratch off material and parked atop a pile of 16,995 pennies.

It took two months to cover the entire CUV and thousands of individual panels with the same latex material used on those scratch cards. It only took 14 hours of scratching, however, before someone uncovered the hidden winning panel and won the vehicle. Hopefully Chevy gave the winner a different Captiva than the one used in the contest, because penny scratches do not, in fact, buff out.

The event took place in Covent Garden in London, with the number of pennies obviously representing the Captiva's base price in British pounds. You can think of the Captiva as the entry level sibling of the better-equipped Opel Antara and our own Saturn VUE. Will the U.S. market then get the Captiva as replacement for the Chevy Equinox? If we're lucky.

Thanks to Mario for the tip!

[Source: AutoMotoPortal]

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