Energy self-sufficient Danish community makes hydrogen using wind power

Who woulda thunk that the first hydrogen-powered community would be Vestenskov, Denmark? In the next couple years, that will be a reality, as the Lolland Hydrogen Community will be installing Micro Combined Heat and Power stations in 35 homes.
In Nakskov, an island of Lolland, their main power source is generated by wind power, and using that renewable source of energy, they generate 50 percent more power than they use. The excess power is going to be routed into electrolysis to make hydrogen fuel cells. While electrolysis is a very inefficient energy conversion method, using a renewable energy source negates the issue. To make the process more efficient, the oxygen split off from the hydrogen in the electrolysis process will be sent to the municipal water treatment facility to speed up their biological processes.

This project is made possible by a joint partnership between IRD Fuel Cells, Baltic Sea Solutions, the Municipality of Lolland, and funding from the Danish Energy Authority. So how does it feel to be shown up by the little guys?

[Source: Baltic Sea Solutions via]

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