DIY Solar Scooter = Free Commuting

Don Dunklee commutes a modest five miles to work each day. The difference between him and the rest of us is that he does it for free. By investing in a set of four solar panels, spending a little time fabricating and modifying an electric scooter, he is now happily harnessing the power of the sun to propel him from A to B.

The solar panels don't stay splayed out as they are in the picture. Before getting under way, they retract vertically and flat, out of the way in the back. When arriving at his destination, Don unfolds the solar array and points it at the sun. The panels charge the scooter's battery, and it's ripe and ready to go for the next short trip.

Don took it a step farther by leaving the scooter outside in the elements, both to test its durability and to supplement his home with the solar power it generates. He did this all winter without any damage to the scooter that a little Armor All couldn't fix. The cumulative savings on his electric bill have likely paid for the parts for this relatively simple installation by now. Even better, Don has made the plans available for downloading to anyone who may feel like giving it a try.

We appreciate and admire your practical ingenuity, Don. And thank you for giving your innovation to us as freely as you commute. That is the spirit with which we can rapidly transform the way live, saving money and the environment.

Thanks for the tip, Sean!

[Source: Build it Solar]

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