Whether a blessing or a curse, Porsche's designs are immediately recognizable and often conservative. Think evolution rather than revolution, particularly when talking about the iconic 911 range. And so it seems almost incongruent that this very same company has a design arm that's known for such radical products. In fact, we know that Porsche Design has done some amazingly beautiful rethinks of everything from eyeglasses to bicycles to hard drives to phones. And after doing that phone post last week, Sybarites started digging for some other notable hardware from PD. Lo and behold, they found a new 911. Actually it's a P'7911 Multihammer. But it does have 911 in its name.

The first thing you might have noticed when you saw the picture above is that it's upside down. Well, not really, but the handle of the Porsche Design Multihammer is on top rather than underneath like on traditional drills. Take a closer look and see that the distinctive black and silver housing is also made of genuine carbon fiber. Stylish and strong. The drill is made by Metabo, but the design is all Porsche. Click through the Read link or click on the pic for a full writeup of this very robust piece of Porsche hardware.

[Source: Metabo via Sybarites]

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