Steve Jobs hearts Autoblog

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We try not to be a toot-our-own-horn kind of blog, but a few of us are just way too into Macs to let this one slide by. While watching the keynote given by Steve Jobs on the progress of OSX 10.5 Leopard in August (you can watch the video here), reader Dewey K. noticed during the demo of Apple's Mail program that two emails from Autoblog were in Steve Jobs' inbox. The emails have subjects that match the titles of a pair of older posts. The first is " In Britain, a different rally championship -- for slot cars!" and the second, not surprisingly, is " Apple's iPod looks to dominate the dashboard". We don't remember sending the Apple CEO any emails A smart commenter realized that Autoblog's RSS feed was probably being pumpted into Jobs' Apple Mail program, which will be a new feature of OSX 10.5.

We know his Steve-ness is into cars, as a full 70 percent of all 2007 models will natively accept tuneage from his family of iPods. We also know that he's a big fan of Mercedes-Benz and that the state of California allows him to drive without a license plate because he's had so many stolen (he instead has a small bar code where the plate should be).

Really, we're a little miffed at our boys from Engadget who were in like the second row and didn't catch this. We forgive, though. Hey Steve, we heart you, too.

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