In the name of green: 0-60 in <2.5 seconds!

Sometimes it's just way too fun to be green. Or at least on the road to green. Or, um, greener. Hmm. Sometimes it's just fun to go from zero to 100 mph in five seconds.
We're talking about the Caparo T1, the "soon-to-be world's fastest accelerating," as BusinessWeek is calling it. The car broke cover just as it enters the final stages of testing and development. BW says it's a two-seater, but that picture doesn't make it look like the passenger is going to have a lot of maneuver room.

So, what was that about on the road to green? The Caparo T1, with a 3.5-litre Caparo V8, has been designed to be ultra lightweight (only 500 kg) as well as high-performance. This is where the green comes in.

Angad Paul chief executive of the Caparo Group, told BusinessWeek that, "Ultimately, our goal is to help carmakers to create a new generation of more fuel-efficient and lightweight family cars with significantly lower CO 2 emissions more in keeping with the needs of the 21 st century."

The Caparo T1 will officially debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed that runs from June 22-24. Customer delivery of the Caparo T1 starts in July for a cool £190,000 (about $380,000 US, or almost four Tesla Roadsters). I guess in this century we're going to need boatloads of cash.

[Source: Business Week]

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