Chrysler execs admit Sebring and Nitro are misses

The Detroit News got its hands on a transcript of a Q&A session held between Chrysler execs and employees of the company in which management admits the company misjudged the market when developing vehicles like the new Chrysler Sebring and Dodge Nitro. The transcript was confirmed to be legitimate by Chrysler spokesman Rick Deneau, who admitted it was never meant for the public to see. Nevertheless, the Q&A session shows that that there are many at Chrysler who are "quite upset" about how some vehicles turned out, which is illustrated most pointedly by the harsh criticism the Sebring and Nitro received from Consumer Reports.

In response, Chrysler says it is moving fast to fix its own internal development process so that it can better project what customers want and expect from their vehicles a few years down the road. It seems the current system is good at matching what competitors are offering now, but produces vehicles that arrive on the market behind the curve in terms of design, quality and interiors.

We've certainly panned the Sebring for its design, both exterior and interior, as well as its uncompetitive engine lineup, and we've read the comments slamming the Nitro that Dodge has provided for our Sweepstakes, which, by the way, you can click here to enter (hey, it's free!). We're perplexed as to how the Jeep Compass and Dodge Avenger were never mentioned in this litany of Chrysler misses, though one also has to recognize the company's current successes, including the new Jeep Wrangler that's selling like crazy right now.It's unfortunate for Chrysler that the company couldn't have addressed all these problems quickly and quietly, as the leaked transcript will surely not help the rate at which Chrysler dealers are moving these vehicles of their lots.

[Source: The Detroit News]

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