Biodiesel Feedstock Development Agreement for algae biodiesel in Seattle

It has been announced that Solazyme and Imperium Renewables have entered into an agreement to combine their talents to produce biodiesel. The cooperation involves a two-step process, the first being handled by Solazyme. In their research in microalgae, they have found particular strains that produce optimum amounts of oils, which Solazyme cultivates and then extracts. They then deliver it to Imperium will then refine the oil into the actual biodiesel fuel. It sounds simple, but we all know it isn't. Fortunately, the two companies have been working hard to make it a viable commodity, which will be vastly assisted with the construction of Imperium's new 100 million gallon/year plant in Grays Harbor, Washington. Expect that plant to go online next month. Kudos to Solazyme and Imperium for making this happen quickly.
[Source: Solazyme]

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