Whaa? Big 3 wins big in Ward's Interior of the Year Awards

When did the day come that interiors designed by our own domestic automakers were being celebrated as the best in the biz? After decades of dull designs, cheap materials and poor fit and finish, that day would be today. Ward's Auto has released the results of its 2007 Interior of the Year Competition, in which both its own editors and members of the auto industry at large choose the best inner sanctums in seven vehicle classes ranging from Economy-Priced Car to Premium-Priced Truck. Shocker: Domestics cleaned up, being awarded 11 out of 14 class awards between the editors' choices and the popular vote (and that's not including the Volvo S80's editor award for Premium-Priced Car). The Saturn Aura and Chevy Silverado, in particular, were singled out for their fine furnishings by both judging bodies in their respective classes, just like they were in the North American Car and Truck of the Year Awards last January.

Ward's also awarded prized for Best Brand Expression to the Jeep Wrangler, Best Interior Trim to the Infiniti G35, Best Cup Holder to the Chrysler Sebring and Best Overall Comfort to the Lexus LS 460L. Check out all the award winners after the jump, and pontificate on the state of affairs that led us to this day when domestic interiors are getting props aplenty.

[Source: The Auto Channel]

Award Category Ward's Editorial Staff Industry At-Large Vote

Economy-Priced Car Honda Fit Dodge Caliber
Popular-Priced Car Saturn Aura Saturn Aura
Premium-Priced Car Volvo S80 Lincoln MKZ
Popular-Priced CUV Honda CRV Saturn Outlook
Premium-Priced CUV Cadillac SRX Cadillac SRX
Popular-Priced Truck Chevy Silverado Chevy Silverado
Premium-Priced Truck Lincoln Navigator Cadillac Escalade
Best Brand Expression: Jeep Wrangler
Best Interior Trim: Infiniti G35
Best Cup Holder: Chrysler Sebring
Best Overall Comfort: Lexus LS 460L.

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