LaNeve says that Chevy ads must change

"Like a Rock" might now refer to how quickly Chevy drops its long-time advertising agency if it doesn't get with the program. According to Advertising Age, GM marketing chief Mark LaNeve sent a stern message to Campbell-Ewald, the agency responsible for the bulk of Chevy's ads since 1922. LaNeve's message? Chevrolet is a "smart choice" and shoppers need to know it. With stagnant sales and a $756 million ad budget, the company needs results and LeNeve apparently thinks this is the way to get them: open a can of whoop-ass under business partners that may be getting complacent.
LaNeve has a good point. The quality of American cars has increased greatly in recent times, but prices have remained fairly steady. He thinks car buyers need to be told that choosing a Chevy is a "smart choice" because you're not paying a premium for buying Japanese.

Reshaping attitudes can be difficult, however. Many people still believe American cars are inherently inferior than their Japanese competition. Whether through personal experience or second-hand information, some buyers feel Japanese, and increasingly Korean cars, are somehow better. We're not sure how much one ad agency can do to fix that, but simple grids with features and prices won't cut it anymore. Maybe a move like parking Accords and Camrys in Chevy dealerships will help, but only if the dealers can get people to try them out. And if the product is truly competitive.

[Source: Advertising Age]

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