Chevy dealers told to get a Camry to sell their Malibus

Perhaps Chevrolet should see if Ford is done with the "Bold Moves" slogan yet, because some Chevy dealers have grown a pair and are trying a radical move. They're bringing enemy No. 1 right into their showrooms.

Chevrolet is confident enough in its forthcoming Malibu redesign, that they're willing to have customers paw all over their mid-size offering and Toyota's Camry side by side. Instead of just telling potential Malibu customers that Camry ain't all that, Chevy's car marketing director, Cheryl Catton, suggests dealers put one of the best-selling Toyotas right there next to Malibus. Production of the new Malibus begins in October, and GM's ad push for the car begins in January. Look for the Malibu/Camry steel cage death match to begin about then.

But wouldn't it be a small sales boost to put a Camry in every Chevy dealership? Catton thought of that, and recommends the Toyotas be rented.

[Source: Automotive News - Sub. Req.]

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