British Gumballers forgiven by victims' family

You didn't think the Gumball saga was finished, did you? The latest turn: Nick Morley has been completely absolved of responsibility by the family of the Macedonian couple that was killed in a car accident in this year's rally. Morley was the one was was driving the Techart 911 at the time of the 2-car, twin-fatality crash in Macedonia.

We're not conspiracy theorists, but Macedonians are either the most forgiving people on the planet, or the fix is in. The family not only forgave Morley, but retracted their plans to seek compensation of £100,000, asked that Morley be released from custody and allowed to return to Britain, and tacitly blamed Vladimir, the driver of the Golf, for the accident by saying "It was just fate that forced Vladimir to drive wrongly." Morley, for his part, took no responsibility, saying: he was only going 60 kph, he obeyed all laws, it was the other driver's fault, he tried to help the couple, he only got in the other car and left because people started shouting at him, and he planned on stopping at the border to report the accident. Oh, and the Porsche wasn't even his. And he's not rich. And he doesn't know why the media is saying that, because he's "just a simple property developer." And he doesn't feel guilty, but he does "feel regret for the victims."

It turns out, however, that Morley's brother Oliver actually is rich, and has spoken with the family, but there's been no comment on what transpired. Hmmm...

[Source: Daily Mail]

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