The ultimate 24 Hours of LeMans web app that you can't use

Unfortunately we won't be in attendance at this year's 24 Hours of LeMans, but Thomas Baekdal made a web application that could make this unfortunate fact a little more bearable, if it only it were legal to for the rest of us to access (see close up screen shots here). Baekdal, who admits to not even liking sports in general save for this one race, wanted a web app that could outdo TV coverage in its breadth of information provided and immediacy. He's developing his own application to pull data from and Club24 and display it on a rather attractive screen that puts you right in the action. When it's finished, Baekdal expects it will provide the following real-time data of the race.
  • Live News
  • The exact Le Mans time
  • Lap times
  • Lap position
  • Race events
  • Picture, web cams
  • Background information
Unfortunately, because of copyright restrictions set by the governing body of LeMans, Baekdal will not be able to make his application available to the public. He is offering it to them if they'd like to incorporate it into the Club24 experience, though we'd expect it would then cost money to access. That's too bad, as we could see ourselves blindly staring at our computer screen for 24 hours if Baekdal's app were available.
Thanks for the tip, Eliot!


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