100% Recycleable model cars - interested? Oh come on, sure you are!

Sure, model cars can be made out of metal. Die-cast is a rather popular choice. But, when I was a kid, all of the models that I made were usually plastic. There was the good old Shelby Cobra, VW Bug, '65 Mustang... all the regulars were there in full force in my own model collection. But, now that I am older, something different has caught my eye. Over at Autoblog, I found this, which is more along the lines of origami than what I remember from my youth. Times change, and so do I. I like these new models, and being able to download them at my whim, print them out and fold one up is pretty cool. So, I'll try it out. If you make anything cool, be sure to post your results over at Autoblog!

[Source: Autoblog]

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