Model cars made entirely out of paper

While perusing Autoblog Latino and brushing up on my Spanglish, I noticed this post that led me to a site called Paper Inside. Its simple tagline – Paper Models are Paper Inside – hints at what you'll find below the fold. The site offers numerous free downloads of paper models that arrive in your printer tray as 2D sheets awaiting entry into the third dimension. We chose the Ecto 1 model to highlight above because it's pretty intricate, but you'll also find the DeLorean from Back to the Future, the General Lee, Speed Racer's Mach-5, the Tumbler from Batman Begins, Mad Max's Interceptor and a McLaren MP4-22 race car. That's not to mention the numerous crafts from Star Wars and Start Trek that are also available. If you poke around, you'll also find links out to other paper model sites where even more vehicles are available.

We downloaded a few models in PDF, and were immediately stumped. The assembly instructions for most consist of dozens of pictures, each lacking any verbiage save for the name of a particular paper piece and an arrow showing where it goes. We'll sit down soon with a pair of child-proof scissors and see if we can't crank one out, but we expect this project will quickly turn into a contest of whose paper airplane can fly the farthest.

[Source: Paper Inside via Autoblog Latino]

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